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Cyber Quiz

The Internet: It’s growing faster than we can manage to keep up. Penetrating our professional and personal lives, this tool brings the world to our fingertips with a click of a mouse or cell phone button. But with this increase in information also comes an influx of misinformation. Test your knowledge on what’s real and what’s not in the globe’s largest electronic world.


1. What does WWW stand for?                                                       VI

World Wacky Web
Wide World Wumpus
World Wide Web —-
Wide World of Why?

2. What does URL stand for?                                                          VIII

united route link
uniform resource locator —-
unknown redirection link
up real late

3. What is the name of the language you use to write a web page?          VIII


4. Which of the following terms is a “browser”?                                       VII

World Wide Web

5. All web addresses start with which of the following?                            VII


6. A word that looks underlined on a web page is usually what?                         IX

an important word
the web address
a “link” to another web page—-
a mistake

7. Which region’s population uses the Internet most?                                           X


North America



8. What percentage of Internet users are under the age of 25?                            XI

25 percent

–45 percent

78 percent


9. Which one of the following is a search engine? VII
  (A) Macromedia Flash
  (B) Google
  (C) Netscape
  (D) Librarians’ Index to the Internet

10.What’s considered the “backbone” of the World Wide Web?       IX

    • Uniform resource locator (URL)
    • Hypertext mark-up language (HTML)
    • Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP)


11.What’s the best way to describe the Internet?                                                         VI

    • One master computer that connects to all of our homes
    • —-A network of networks
    • A series of pipes


            12. What is a spider?                                                                                     XI

A computer virus

constantly scan the Internet for new and updated Web sites

A hacker who breaks into corporate computer systems

An application for viewing Web sites


13. Yahoo (www.yahoo.com) is a   
  Super Computer
  Website for Consumers
  Organization that allocates web addresses


14. Internet Explorer is a              VIII
  News Reader
  Web Browser
  Any person browsing the net
  Graphing Package
15. A domain name ending with “org” is                    IX
  A commercial website
  A network site
  A site which has very high traffic
  An organization
16. ISP stands for                             X
  Internet Service Provider
  Integrated Service Provider
  Internet Security Protocol
  Internet Survey Period


17.An IP Address is the Internet equivalent of:            XI

a) Your birth date

b) –Your mailing address

c) Your social security number

d) Your phone number


18.How many blocks of numbers make up an IP Address?   XII

   a) 4

b) 2

c) 1

d) 3


19.The term DNS stands for:     XII

a) Domain Name System—-

b) Distributed Network Servers

c) Diagram of Network Services

d) Domain Network Service


Each host on the Internet has a unique address called the: XII

a) MAC Address

b) IP Address

c) Host Name

d) FTP Address


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