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cyber club

                                                                            KVKESHAVPURAM, DELHI

                                   Cyber Club


 Objective :
Computers today form an integral part of our lives.  There’s very little that we can do without computers.  Computers and computer chips are today embedded in just about everything that we use, from cars to washing machines, to watches and alarm clocks.  The cyber club aims to increase students’ awareness of computers and their uses in our daily life, with a view to prepare citizens of tomorrow who are better suited to deal with information technology.    In the modern world the cyber world is full of vices starting from online fraud cases to what not. Piracy of songs and movies have become big business. Hardware are sold more in the grey market than in the legal form. Software are patched even before their release. E-mail accounts are being hacked without the slightest knowledge of the owner. Credit cards are becoming night mares for many. The Cyber Club boys have taken a pledge to stop all these by first of all themselves not getting involved in these practices. They will also convince others of not doing any illegal practices. “Be Genuine” that’s our way. Club Activities :

  1. Provide computer support for all school events.
  2. Help make presentations for various school functions.
  3. Increase awareness of computers amongst students.
  4. Make students aware of the uses of information technology with a view to better prepare him to handle information enabled devices tomorrow.
  5. Organize computer-based competitions.
  6. Inter school participation in competitions.
  7. Preparing presentation for various intra-school events
  8. Upgradation of the school website.
  9. To organize a Workshop .

10. Preparation of Cyber Club week

Main Objectives :-

• To instill computing ethics among its members.
• To enhance the skill and computing concepts of its members.
• To spread computing awareness among the students at large
• To learn various computing techniques like html, js, php
• To develop and maintain the school web site
• To arrange various multimedia presentations for different school events.

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